1) What is the difference between taxi and Carrow?

Taxi runs and charges you according to the meter and the fare depends on the distance and the duration which you can not never estimate the accurate amount in advance. The taxi driver might not run the shortest way and you may have to pay more than you expected.

On the other hand, our vehicles do not have meters.  Therefore we have fixed rates for all transfers and you know the rates in advance.  Then, you do not have to worry about cheating as you can face in taxi. 

Another difference is that you do not have to wait at the taxi stand. Our driver will pick you up and lead to our vehicle.

2) How long does it take from Prague airport to the hotel in Prague?

Hotel in Prague 1/7 = 30 minutes

Hotel in Prague 2/3/5 = 35 minutes 

Hotel in Prague 4/8/9 = 40 minutes

Hotel in Prague 6 = 20 minutes

Subject to traffic situation and it might take longer but we never ask for supplement in case of traffic delays.

3) Does the fare includes tip?

Tip is not included and it is at discretion of our client. 

4) Can I travel with my pet?

We only accept in case the pet is inside a cage or a certain carrier during the whole journey and will not disturb our driver or damage our vehicle.

5) I will carry my wheelchair. Do you have a space for it?

Unfortunately our sedan will not have enough space, therefore I recommend you to book the minivan.

6) I need to pick up the keys for the apartment. Can you stop at the office first and then take me to the apartment?

Yes, but we have to ask you for the additional stop.  We will advise you the supplement when we confirm. 

7) My destination is not in the price list but can I book the transfer to my destination and how much is it?

Of course, we are pleased to confirm your booking. Our transfer rates are always based on distance and type of vehilce. For the rate, please contact osbm@carrow.cz

8) I need the car urgently.  Can you pick me up in a hour?

Unfortunately not like taxi, our drivers are not cruising the city and looking for the clients. We appreciate if you can book at least 1 working day in advance.

9) Can your driver guide us during the sightseeing?

Unfortunately our drivers are not trained or licensed to guide.  If you need a licensed guide, we can arrange an English speaking guide with supplement,  CZK 2400/EUR 95 for 4 hours and extra CZK 600/EUR 25 per hour.